Miss Chipps 6th grade at Belle Sherman, compliments of Ed Thorsland

Pre-High School Photos

Here's where you can submit pictures from our pre-high school years. There were several public and parochial schools in Ithaca that provided the educational foundation that led us to a place "stately 'neath the sloping hills..." where we found our high school's towers.
Ithaca High School Varsity Cheerleaders  1959-1960:   Front - Barb Jones, Danilee Gorman '61.  Middle - Sally Yengo, El

High School Years

Dig through those trunks. Look at those old scrapbooks and photo albums. Do you have pictures from our high school years?  Here's the place to submit them. There were clubs, sports, music and drama events. There were also proms, assemblies, field trips and parties during those years. These were all "photo ops" that someone just may have recorded for this occasion!

Memorabilia - Clippings - Artifacts

Remember those old newspaper clippings? Did you save any of the programs from dances, games, plays? How about the numerous handouts we received in school. You get the point. Here's the place to submit images of these.
How many of our classmates can you identify at this 1961 nurses' pinning ceremony?

Post Graduate Years

Fifty years is a long time. A great deal has transpired in our lives. Use this section to submit photos that you would like to share with classmates from this time of your life.
Phyllis McLaren Sommerman, Linda Adams, Bob Gray, Barbara Bennett, Sylvia Bly Ross, Alan Westfall, and John Osborn

30 th Reunion

This is part of the Westfall Collection from the Ithaca High School Class of 1960's 30 th Reunion.
IHS Class of 1960 turned approximately 50 in 1992 so we had a birthday party in Ithaca!

'60 Is 50--July 3, 1992

The Classmates of 1960 turned fifty around July 3, 1992. Suzie Hough and Sylvia Root Cacciotti shared some pictures from that event. It was held at What's Your Beef, in Ithaca. We welcome other photo additions.

35 th Reunion

This collection of pictures was taken during the 35 th Reunion celebration. Pictures from the Cayuga Lake cruise and the dinner/ Hawaiian show at the Ramada. We understand that Ted Fish was responsible for the authentic entertasinment from Hawaii.
Al Simons, Sylvia Bly Ross

49th Reunion- Winchell/Gray Collections

Ron Winchell and  Bob Gray provided these pictures.
Ron Winchell, Chuck Moeder, John Osborn, Ed Thorsland

49th Reunion- Rachel Phillipson Photos

Rachel Phillipson, the lead photographer for the Ithaca Times, took  the photos in this album.
Mary Lee Hagin Banfield and Sylvia Root Cacciotti

49th Reunion Simons Collection

Photos taken by Al Simons at the 49th reunion.
Carol Caveney Lavelle '60, John Ogden '60, Sylvia Bly Ross '60, Chris Ogden

49th Reunion- Sylvia Cacciotti's Scrapbook

Kathleen Muzzy LaMorte and Phyllis McLaren Sommerman hold the coveted 50th Reunion mugs.

70th Birthday Bash- July 2012, Ithaca

This album will include pictures from the preparation phase right up through the July 5-8, 2012 event.
Ollie Detweiler Royer's Fabulous South Asian Adventure. Eight of her pictures appear here

Classmate Photo Reports

This album contains photos from classmates that represent parts of their lives after IHS.
Vito Mason, choral music director

Teachers, Coaches, Staff

Here's where we'll add pictures of the adults who impacted our early school lives.
Professional photographer Monroe Payne took this formal pose of classmates in attendance at the banquet. There were clas

2012: Our 70th Birthday Bash

Classmates, friends and spouses gathered in Ithaca, Thursday, September 13 to Sunday, September 16, to celebrate the Class of 1960's 70th Birthday Bash (plus or minus one year). 
The 2013 mini reunion at Robert Gray's

Mini- Reunions

In 2013 Robert Gray was the host to several New England based classmates for the first "mini reunion". Alison MacLeod continued this in 2014.  This album will contain pictures from this type of gathering.
'60 classmates (L-R) Susie Hough, Claire Hernaez, Amalia Stratakos, and Carol Crass at the Saturday banquet.

55 th Reunion July 2015 Ithaca-Book One

Our 75th Birthday Cake

75th Birthday Bash, August 2017

The class gathered in Ithaca from August 24 through August 27 to celebrate  the approximate 75th birthdays of our members.