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Planning committee 2017: Kathleen Muzzy LaMorte, Dave Wilson, Phyllis McLaren Sommerman, and Steve Beaulieu
Planning committee 2017: Kathleen Muzzy LaMorte, Dave Wilson, Phyllis McLaren Sommerman, and Steve Beaulieu
        75th BIRTHDAY BASH BEING CONSIDERED FOR 2017. Kathleen Muzzy LaMorte will chair.

     2017 is not too far away for the members of the Class of 1960's reunion planning committee. It's hard to believe that we'll be celebrating our 75th Birthday Bash, when most of the class will either have turned 75 or will be close to it. When you get to be our age the days, weeks and months roll by faster and faster with each passing year. It will be August of 2017 in no time. Glad that we're getting a jump on this thirteen months ahead of time. 
     Kathleen Muzzy LaMorte has  agreed to chair the event. Phyllis McLaren Sommerman will continue as secretary-treasurer. Steve Beaulieu will continue as webmaster. Other classmates will be joining the committee in coming months. If you are able to assist, in any way, please contact our secretary at:

Ithaca (NY) High School Class of 1960 Now on FACEBOOK

Sixty two classmates have joined the newly created, closed group on Facebook. Check it out and join us. Your input, as always, is welcome.

Just got back from a week in Ithaca showing our daughter and her husband around. We visited the gorges; Cascadilla, Buttermilk, Enfield, and Fall Creek. They all seem a little different now with the drought causing minimal water flow and shutting down all swimming for the public in these areas. Another noticeable change is the amount of traffic in the downtown area existing in the summer time! Who remembers when Ithaca was so hot with daily temps in the 90's?

"Mary Lee Hagin and I celebrated our 52nd anniversary with our  twentieth trip to St. Thomas. We try to vacation a month there each year. Our second grandchild is graduating from Nazareth College (Rochester) this spring. Our twin granddaughters will be finishing their freshmen years at the University of Rochester, as pre-med majors. They played on their division's basketball team that reached the "Elite Eight". We also have a  granddaughter graduating from IHS this year. She's the captain of the lacrosse team. She'll be heading to Villanova this fall. All is going well.
I heard from JB Graves that he is building a house in Cobo San Lucas, Mexico. He is doing well. John "Gutie" Gutenberger and his wife, Mary Egan dine with us weekly. Gutie is doing great. I have breakfast with Terry Cullen every Saturday. He is doing well and is still coaching sprint football at Cornell. I saw Tim Saltonstall briefly, still looks like a movie star and is enjoying life in southern California. Bev Brink Hillman did a great job with the Stewart Park merry-go-round project. My latest project is fundraising for a new baseball scoreboard for IHS baseball. We have raised about 80% of the $25 K needed.  Best of luck."
David Banfield
July 2015th, 55th Reunion
July 2015th, 55th Reunion
Message from Dave Wilson

While I doubt you ever knew Dan Ward, I recently found his obit. Of particular interest to us, his wife, Sue Ward, taught English at IHS.  In fact, she was singled out for special recognition when she left in 1958. Pull out your sophomore (1958) edition of The Annual , to see her picture and read the tribute.

While I never knew her at IHS, maybe some of you did.  Sue died 25 or 30 years ago.

I apologize for this depressing message, but IHS has so many connections for me.

All the best,

Dave Wilson
Phyllis McLaren Sommerman offering a  welcome blessing at the banquet
Phyllis McLaren Sommerman offering a welcome blessing at the banquet
To the Class of 1960, Ithaca High School: SPRING NEWSLETTER

What’s happening in your world? We love hearing from you. Send word to me  (Phyllis McLaren Sommerman))by email: or by Phone: 518-421-6726, or mail 3245 Riverton Road, The Villages, FL 32162. (my mail is forwarded if I am not in FL at the time.) I’ll pass your news on to our webmaster Steve Beaulieu. He frequently updates our website  and will share your news with the rest of the class. I was just on the website tonight to update my profile. You might do the same! Date stamp it too. 
At the last reunion / picnic those in attendance agreed to keep mailing memos / updates to all classmates who don’t have email. We want to stay connected with you and also those who don't use email. Donations were made that day to cover the cost of postage. Phyllis is STILL not on FB, despite the efforts of Susie Hough to encourage me. Don't give up Susie! 
NEW REUNION CHAIRPERSON!! The next event is our 75th birthday bash!! Kathleen Muzzy LaMorte has asked to plan the reunion, drawing her committee from many who offered to help her. It will be in Ithaca; no date selected yet. I would like to continue as Treasurer and correspondence lady. Steve would like to continue as our Web Master and people finder. At some point Steve and I will find a back-up person; in the event of our demise our class will continue to stay in touch. That is most important!!!
News from classmates: 
Ron Winchell had a challenging year health wise, sometimes with he and his wife both in the hospital at once. Ron has rallied, giving hope that many of us will do the same.
I haven’t heard from JB Graves lately but he always signs his notes “no bad days” and that makes me smile!  
Dorothy Griffith Sonnichsen traveled to Southern Ireland Nov 2015 reporting pansies blooming and tiny little daisies in the grass, beautiful country and very nice, polite people.  
Dave Wilson is very committed to preserving the natural springs in Florida. He recently hosted the North Florida Springs Environmental Center Open House, inviting Kathleen Muzzy LaMorte and myself to attend. I was not in Florida, but Kathleen did go. Dave gets the gold star for traveling all over to meet up with classmates, and keeping in touch with teacher Dorothy Sicilia Stewart
The last time I had an email from Peggy Hertel Cooney she was also traveling quite a bit. We’d love to hear more from you  Peggy, and from any of you. Steve and I get nervous when the wires get too quiet. 
You may have seen news/ pictures on the web site about Beverly Brink Hillman and her successful campaign to collect funds for the fence around the carousel in Stewart Park. She deserves so much credit for her involvement in the park restorations, and so do you!!!  Our class made the majority of donations! We love Stewart Park and you demonstrated that with your gifts. 🎠 
Peggy Payne had an extended work year on playground design and safety this year with a mild winter. A very successful business and congratulations to you Peggy. 
Linda Rocker Rogovin and Rose Cmilansky Lee could not make it to the reunion and requested  directories so they might stay in touch. You can do the same. $8 covers printing and postage.
Spring has arrived at Keith Bruckner’s home in Tennessee and he can’t wait to get out there and dig in the soil!  Ask him any plant name; either he or Jan Murphy Ivkovich will know it!
Steve Beaulieu has learned that classmate Peggy Sweeting, who was listed as “no contact” was actually deceased in 1999. See a list of the deceased classmates on the website. 
Dave Breen has emailed and given us his phone and email address!! I have listed it in the new directory to be distributed at the next reunion. We have no contact information for some -Steve has listed the names of these classmates on the web site. Please review the list and let us know if you have information on anybody on the list. Thank you. No one will be “forgotten”. Also, advise me of your change of address, etc.
Before I go, I’d like to leave you with some encouragement. Aging is so very challenging, and yet it is inviting. No matter our circumstances, we have an opportunity to respond to a second calling; not a second career, but a second chance at life. A second calling is about living life as someone you have become. It is about sharing your legacy – how you will be remembered. It was very obvious at the last reunion, and in your emails, that we all have much to share and give to others. We find some roots in who we were in 1960, but even better, we love who we are free to become now. Help us get to know that person. Honor us. Stay in touch. 
Another memo from us will be mailed as soon as we have details to share on the next reunion.
On behalf of all those keeping us close, I send our best wishes to you.

Phyllis McLaren Sommerman
A number of classmates hiked Enfield Saturday morning. Can you name them?
A number of classmates hiked Enfield Saturday morning. Can you name them?


More pictures have been added to this site's Class Photo albums--55th Reunion (Two Books), as of November 23rd
There are still more to add as we have time! Our thanks go to photographers Richard Owlett, Dave Wilson, Alan Westfall and Chuck Moeder  for sending these along. As usual, we welcome all photo contributions. Mail to Steve Beaulieu, 630 Arruda Terrace, The Villages, FL 32162 or email to Thank you.



Go to "Class Photo Albums" and scroll down to the 55th Class Reunion albums (we started a second album in November).  Keep the pictures coming.  You may email them to me  at or snail mail to 630 Arruda Terrace, The Villages, FL 32162. We welcome them all.  Al Simons and I will make sure that we have a representative lot always on display.
Steve Beaulieu 

Nancy Cladel Scholes, Kathleen Muzzy LaMorte, Virginia Stevens Carroll, and Alan Westfall

            "The ribbon cutting ceremony will be held at Stewart Park on Saturday, ​June 18th from 2-4. This is for the new fence that mostly the class of 1960 paid for.   I raised almost $12,000 for the beautiful Fred Whitmore 6 foot tall fence surrounding the newly repainted Carousel Horses.    Maybe we could make this a real party?    Ride the horses for free, and then maybe to my house for wine and cheese, and out to dinner??????  Thanks to everyone who made this possible and fun.    
       The other news is that John Gute​nberger made it possible for an Elk Club Grant to pay for a ramp taking those in wheel chairs onto the Carousel.    Thanks John. "
       With deep gratitude from the Friends of Stewart Park.
   Beverly Brink Hillman
The Class of 1960 was a valuable part of the community wide effort to restore the Stewart Park carousel. Add to that the recent addition of a complementary black metal fence and we have another Ithaca treasure, in Stewart Park, for all to enjoy for years to come.
In preparation for our 55th reunion, it was agreed that we would designate restoration of the carousel as one of our charitable projects. We raised enough to be able to say that one of the freshly painted horses was sponsored by the Class of 1960. This past summer many of us had the pleasure of seeing the noble black, red and gold painted steed lope proudly in motion on the  reactivated carousel. 
Leaving the carousel in isolation would not have been a wise thing. Classmate Beverly Brink Hillman, a member of the Friends of Stewart Park, took the lead on raising $10,000 to construct  a beautiful black metal fence to tastefully surround the carousel. Her efforts were a success and were lauded  in a recent article in the Ithaca Journal, on January 26. Check it out online at the Journal's website.
Bev generously shared the thanks of the committee for the community members' (past and present) efforts to right these years of neglect at the park. We're sure that she is proud of the large role her classmates played in helping make this restoration a reality.
Congratulations, Bev, on leading the charge!


Andy Anderson, Earl Wellington, Bonnie Greenwood, Leo Johnson
Andy Anderson, Earl Wellington, Bonnie Greenwood, Leo Johnson
Barbara Bennett, ______, Kathleen Muzzy LaMorte, Dave Sears, Andy Anderson
Barbara Bennett, ______, Kathleen Muzzy LaMorte, Dave Sears, Andy Anderson
June 1, 2015

The Friends of Stewart Park is excited to be participating in this final round of Tompkins Trust Company's Community Minute Challenge during the next 14 days! Thank you to our supporters who voted for us and helped us get to this final round where FSP is in a friendly competition with the Hangar Theatre, Running To Places, and Relay for Life for the $5,000 grand prize!

Once again, Friends of Stewart Park is happy to  tell its story -- the story of Stewart Park past, present and future -- to our old and new friends. During the next two weeks we will tell you all about numerous park improvement projects that have been completed, are underway, or are being planned, and a few, too, that are being considered for the future. And FSP will be asking for YOUR support EVERY DAY by VOTING HERE. 

Thanks for supporting the Friends of Stewart Park and these other great community organizations!
Robert Dean
Robert Dean

Robert Dayhart Dean 74, of Ithaca, NY passed away June 13, 2016 at Cayuga Medical Center with his wife Judy by his side. He was born in Warren, Ohio on February 2, 1942, son of the late Robert Dean and Virginia Dean (Frank) Vorhis. He moved to Brooktondale, NY and started school in a one room schoolhouse. He graduated from Ithaca High School in 1960. Bob worked at the US Post Office for 30 years and retired in 1998. Bob enjoyed time at the Watkins Glen racetrack and worked on the fueling services team. He was a Cornell Hockey fan and worked the Afterglows for years. Bob was a member of Immaculate Conception Church, a member of the Elks Lodge #636 and the Fraternal Order of Eagles. Bob and Judy purchased an RV and enjoyed traveling thru the southern states for several years. Bob's "kitties" Grover and Bucky enjoyed traveling, too and will miss him dearly.

Bob is survived by his wife of 42 years, Judy Monroe Dean ,his daughter; Debra(Jim)Ivins of Brick, N.J., son; Robert Derek Dean of Tacoma, WA (Janine); his sisters, Helen Vorhis of Brooktondale; Sheila(Greg) Robideau of Ithaca; Carol Vorhis of Interlaken(David); his brothers, Cameron(Kathy)Vorhis and Douglas (Joanne) Vorhis both of Brooktondale and Greg(Mary Alice)Vorhis of Trumansburg, N.Y.

Bob's grandchildren; Jesse(Sara)Brady of Freeville, NY; Amber Guetherman of Toms River, N.J. and Heather Owens of Centerville, Ohio; step grandchildren; Stacey Ivins of Brick, N.J and James Ivins III of Old Bridge, N.J., four great grandchildren and several nieces and nephews.

Calling hours will be held at Bangs Funeral Home Sunday, June 19, 2016 from 11:00 - 1:00. Funeral will be held Monday, June 20, 2016 at Immaculate Conception Church, 113 N. Geneva St, Ithaca, NY at 10:30 AM with Reverend Jeffrey Tunnicliff, Pastor. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to the Ithaca SPCA, Immaculate Conception Church or Charity of one’s choice.

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Phyllis McLaren Sommerman
Phyllis McLaren Sommerman

Phyllis and friend visited classmate Dave Wilson for a nature walk outside Gainesville, Florida.
Larry, Phyllis and their host, Dave
Larry, Phyllis and their host, Dave
Top row: Phil Ewanicki and Dave Goode    Bottom Row: Cheryl Goode, Jean Torrant Ewanicki, Sharron Grover Buck, Warren Bu
Top row: Phil Ewanicki and Dave Goode Bottom Row: Cheryl Goode, Jean Torrant Ewanicki, Sharron Grover Buck, Warren Buck

Top row: Phil Ewanicki and Dave Goode

Bottom Row: Cheryl Goode, Jean Torrant Ewanicki, Sharron Grover Buck, Warren Buck

Belle Sherman, Grade 6, 1953-1954
Belle Sherman, Grade 6, 1953-1954
 "I stumbled across this picture among my mother’s photos.  I could identify all except four by recognition from memory.  27 pupils – we had big classes after WW II":

Back row: Eddie Knaysi, Bill Gordon, Jim Wells, Rob York, Don Enright, Virginia Klune, Dorothy Griffith, John Osborn, George Damp, Phil Ewanicki, Miss Chips.
Middle row: Virginia Hixon, Marilyn Dropkin, Janice Murphy, Allison MacLeod, Karen Ross, Phyllis McLaren, Marybelle Avery, Bonnie Gay, Carolyn Fallon, Wincie Hanneson, Celia Lawrence, Joan Kendall.
Front row: Mike Lawrence, Terry Cullen, Alan Mack, Robin Williams, Bob Seager.
South Hill Second Graders
South Hill Second Graders

Classmate Richard Owlett recently shared this photo of some of our classmates during their second grade experience at the South Hill School. We welcome your attempts to identify any of these youngsters. Contact Steve Beaulieu at:

Here's what we have so far:  3rd row, far right--Richard Owlett; 2nd row, far right--Amelia Stratakos; Front row, third from the left--David Drier (moved out of district prior to high school), second from right--Claire Hernaez.

WE NEED YOU. WE REALLY DO! We need your input to help make these pages meaningful. If you have news about yourself or classmates we would gladly add these items to the pages of this website. We can also use more pictures. Does anyone have any oldies from the Fifties and Sixties they'd be willing to share? How about current ones featuring classmates? Contact: Steve Beaulieu at
Ithaca High Alumni met at MacLeod's on July 30th
Ithaca High Alumni met at MacLeod's on July 30th
Ithaca High School New Englanders enjoyed a perfect day at Dunvegan  Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Another mini-reunion was staged in New England on July 30. This version was held at Alison MacLeod's Dunvegan Farm. 

Front row: Nancy Cladel Scholes; Dorothy Griffith Sonnichsen; Carol Grodon (Bill’s wife); Alison & Monty; Jeanne Powell (Andy’s wife); Janet Gray (Robert’s wife); Kathleen Muzzy Lamorte.
Second row: Charlie Scholes (Nancy’s husband); Bill Gordon; Andy Powell; Loulie Hoffman Kent ’61.
Third row: Chuck Klaer ’63; Chuck Moeder; George Kent ’61; Robert Gray.
Missing from the picture because they had to leave were Judi Fowler Quagliaroli ’61, her daughter-in-law Laura, and her 2 grandsons whose names I cannot remember although they had a great time and loved the farm. am

New England IHS Class of 1960 and Friends Luncheon Reunion Held December 11, at Robert Gray's Home
The Gray's were the host family for what Robert and several of our classmates hope will be the first of many six month gatherings of 1960 IHS grads. Alison MacLeod described the experience best when she wrote: "I wanted first to thank Bob and Janet for such a wonderful day, and make sure you know how much I appreciated all you did to make it possible. As I drove home Wednesday evening, I felt a warm glow of happiness, enjoying a sense of connection that happens only rarely. We are in a way all related ? a family ? bound by wonderful memories and the great good fortune to have shared a special time together in a very special place. By that I mean Ithaca, and the years we all spent wandering about through the halls of our old high school, believing we knew all we needed to know about life because we were US, teens of the mid-20th century, and nothing, but nothing, would stop us from taking on the world. How wonderful to reconnect after all these years and see that we did indeed take on the world ? each in our own, unique way. The beauty is that we?re still here, each of us having evolved into something wonderful, though likely not what we imagined way back then. Funny thing about teens. They do indeed believe they know it all, until eventually they don?t. Is that what growing up is all about?" Alison offered to host the next gathering at her Duvegen Farm next summer.
(L-R) Linda Hallam  Long, Dave Banfield, Ruth Culp Taylor, and Mary Lee Hagin Banfield
(L-R) Linda Hallam Long, Dave Banfield, Ruth Culp Taylor, and Mary Lee Hagin Banfield
Gathering of classmates and friends at Robert and Janet Pozen Gray's home
Gathering of classmates and friends at Robert and Janet Pozen Gray's home
Pictured are:
Back Row (L to R): Judy Fowler Quagliaroli ('61), George Guyer, Chuck Moeder, Andy Powell, Bill Gordon, George Kent ('61), Jerry Freeman Front Row (L to R): Robert Gray, Carol Gordon, Charlotte Sweet Guyer, Loulie Kent ('61), Barbara Hartman Freeman, Alison MacLeod, Debbie Briggs Fraioli, Dorothy Griffin Sonnichsen, Janet Pozen Gray. Peter Farrow left before the group picture was taken. Photo licensed by Creative Commons
Class photo  professionally taken by Monroe Payne. Copies of these are available through his website:Monroe Payne Photog
Class photo professionally taken by Monroe Payne. Copies of these are available through his website:Monroe Payne Photography
Chuck Moeder, Bonnie Greenwood Barrette (rear), and Carol Robedee Johnson
Alison MacLeod, Ms. Dorothy Sicilia Stewart, Dave Wilson
Alison MacLeod, Ms. Dorothy Sicilia Stewart, Dave Wilson

Dear Friends and Family who find math difficult and boring,

I have found the math program with your name on it.  Namely, Netflix has two new MATH choices using their streaming option.  The first is "The Story of Maths."  The second is "Algorithms."  

The "Story" is a study of the history of math, where Marcus du Sautoy teaches you the subject matter by visiting the countries where it originated.  He visits Greece, the Island of Samos, Rome, Pisa, Alexandria, India, China, and Princeton.  While the expositions are presented in such a rapid fashion it is difficult to keep up, the visuals are such great fun you don't care.  While Miss DePew explained the reason behind the Fibonacci sequence in 11th grade, Marcus made the ideas as clear as a bell.   He teaches how mathematical ideas developed, who came up with the key ideas, and why they are important in our modern world.  The program is divided into four one hour segments:
1.  The Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Persians.  The segment provides an excellent intro to arithmetic. 
2.  India, algebra, and the number zero.  The segment provides an excellent intro to algebra.  His discussion of zero is very cool.   
3.  DesCartes, Newton, and Euler and their studies of motion.  This segment provides an excellent intro to calculus.
4.  Georg Cantor, logic, and infinity.  If you want to learn about truth in this political season, check out is discussion of Godel.

While I understood 85% of the concepts, I learned a number of new ideas.  (eg In 1637 DesCartes was the guy who made it his mission to algebratize geometry.  I knew this was one of the great achievements of the 19th century.  I just did not know he was the originator of the concept.)  The program also did an excellent idea of putting faces on ideas. 

In "Algorithms," Marcus devours an hour of your life explaining basic algorithms and why they are important.  His explanation of the "bubble sort" is as clear as a bell.  While I have been retired 8 years, I now understand it for the first time.  He also inserts a clip, where Bill Gates quizzes Obama on the deficiencies of the bubble sort.  (Obama passes.  Hilarious!)  If you need a love relationship in your life, Marcus explains how works and mentions why it might be better for them (rather than you) to choose your mate.  He also uses honey bees to demonstrate the traveling salesman problem.  He also mentions that there is no algorithm for Sudoku-yet.   At the end of the program he shows manufacturing facilities, where extremely complicated processes are being carried out in unbelievable ways.  For you airline travelers he explains about optimal take off and landing for major airports.  Their algorithms had better be good.

Math not only improves your understanding of the world around you, it also makes your life more livable.  Better yet, math is fun.  Take the love of your life on a math date to some far off island and you will see.


Dave Wilson

Carol Robedee Johnson
Carol Robedee Johnson
Andy Anderson (L) and Alan Westfall
Andy Anderson (L) and Alan Westfall
The old high school building, known today as DeWitt Mall, is currently used for retail businesses, offices and apartment
The old high school building, known today as DeWitt Mall, is currently used for retail businesses, offices and apartments.
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