Missing Classmates
We are still without contact information on too many of our classmates. Some may be more comfortable with no contact, but we cannot assume that all of those on the list below would not want to be searched for and found. What a fabulous group of friends would welcome them "home".
Names with clues (if any):

Norma Brown Hoffmire--Indiana?
Sandra Collins Lee
Mary Crofoot---college in New Hampshire ?
Barbara Davis---college in Auburn,AL?
Nancy DeFlyer Doherty
Joseph Hardaway
Thomas Edward Jones
William Lindstrom
Rosemary Love
Judy Mickelson---went to SUNY Geneseo
Vivian Miller
Mary Potter--lived in Cambridge, MA before Ithaca; attended IC ?
Sharon Riley Neeley
David Richards---heard that he was teaching in Binghamton area ? Attended Maritime Academy?  
John Ross---Franklin and Marshall Alumni Association
Gary R. Schilling
Christian Paul Schuchardt
Sandra Schulte Rose
Edward Leroy Smith III
Karen Tarbell Meyer---George Washington University
Renaldi Tedjasukmana---Cornell, Indonesia

IF YOU CAN ADD , DELETE, MODIFY or HELP FIND, please let us know.