Class Photo Albums
An invitation to our Commencement
An invitation to our Commencement
Here is where you are encouraged  to add photos reflecting our class' history. We've come up with a series of albums. You may wish to have us add more. Let us know if you'd like additional titles. Need help? Just attach a jpg picture and email  our photo editor, Al Simons, at: Identify the people in the picture, the time, place and anything else you might remember. PLEASE, notify Al if you are able to identify individuals whose names are missing from existing photos or who may be misidentified in existing photos.

Graduating members of the IHS Class of 1960 may
be identified  with an asterisk (*) in some photos - for example: Marty Malarkey*. Please recognize that lack of such association or identification of class members (or errors thereof) in any photo is purely circumstantial and is subject to editing. Al S.
61st Reunion- 2021
75th Birthday Bash, August 2017
55 th Reunion July 2015 Ithaca-Book One
55th Reunion July 2015 Book Two
70th Birthday Bash- July 2012, Ithaca
2012: Our 70th Birthday Bash
Mini- Reunions
The 2013 mini reunion at Robert Grays
2014 Mini Reunion at Alison MacLeods
Sharon Grover, Susie Hough and Sandy Young met in Florida to catch up on old times.
50 th Reunion - The Villages, Florida
49th Reunion- Winchell/Gray Collections
49th Reunion- Rachel Phillipson Photos
49th Reunion Simons Collection
Mary Lee Hagin Banfield and Sylvia Root Cacciotti
49th Reunion- Sylvia Cacciotti's Scrapbook
40 th Reunion
35 th Reunion
30 th Reunion
25 th Reunion
Sylvia Root Cacciotti
Dorothy Donahue, Carol Crass, Gloria (Gigi) Greenwood, Betty Roskelly, and Jim Fowler
Front row:Ed Michael(?) John Gutenberger, J.B. Graves;  
Back row: ________, Steve Devener(?), Dave Banfield, __________.
Carol Crass Merilahti*, ________, Dorothy Donahue, Linda Hallam, ________, Sally Klippstein Eframson*
Alan Westfall, Dolores Peete, Carol Worthen, and Sally Yengo
Smiling: __________, Jane Miller (right)
Carol Crass, Dorothy Donahue, Linda Hallam, and Jane Miller
__________ (chair), Bill Laidlaw (right)
20th Reunion - 1980
Front row: Sam Weber, Al Simons, Mary Lee Hagin Banfield,  Bob Townsend, Bob Downing, Dottie Donahue Hile, Bob Denison.
Back row: Joe Mars, Chuck Korherr, Dave Banfield, Jim Wells, Bonnie Greenwood Townley, Sharon Riley Neeley
Jim Fowler, Marty DeSanto (58), Dolores Pete DeSanto
Debbie Bauer Keefe
Carolyn Fallon Hulett, Bev Upper 
Ciferni, Dave Banfield, Bob Whittaker, Bob Downing
Joe Mars, Jan Larimer, Marty DeSanto 58
Barbara Hartman, Katie Detweiler, Katies daughter, Liz Horn, Nancy Cladel, Bill Mobbs 58, Barbara Child Mobbs
Pre-High School Photos
High School Years
Memorabilia - Clippings - Artifacts
IHS Music Programs
IHS Sports
Monument dedicating stadium to long time coach, Joe Moresco
synthetic track surface
artificial grass
aging scoreboard
no lawn mowing here
press box
approaching the pit
Welcome to IHS. That will be $5 please.
Little Red 59 offensive lineup
Typical football program used in the late 1950s and early 1960s.
Post Graduate Years
Spotted on Facebook
'60 Is 50--July 3, 1992
Classmate Photo Reports
Teachers, Coaches, Staff
Vito Mason, choral music director
Coach Joe Moresco and Steve Shippos at the Class of 61 Reunion
Band Director Frank Battisti with Micky Campbell Parker at the Class of 1961s Reunion
Coach Moresco at  2000 dedication in his honor