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Steve Stephenson
Steve Stephenson

Hi Phyllis,
I am in remission from high volume aggressive metastatic prostate cancer as well as type 2 diabetes.
Summer 2011: diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer (Gleason score of 10 out of 10).
Fall 2011: hormone therapy (androgen deprivation) + external radiation treatments (prostate removal not possible because cancer had spread a little beyond the prostate - T3N1)
Summer 2016: chemo therapy because cancer had metastasized to bone sites, mostly on spine.

At this time I was also following a low carbohydrate high fat diet (LCHF) that had successfully put my type 2 diabetes in remission. I experienced no nausea during chemo, so took no medication for it, due to my LCHF diet I think.

Type 2 diabetes is caused by too much insulin being secreted by the pancreas; a metabolic disease. An alternate school of thought in cancer theory and research is that cancer is also a metabolic disease, not caused by genes.

So I decided to double down on my diet / lifestyle and remove essentially all carbohydrates from my diet (no foods from plants - like our ancestors before agriculture).

After a few months my oncologist declared my cancer in remission, saying it was "remarkable" and to "keep doing what you're doing.".

One side effect of hormone therapy is bone loss; osteopenia to osteoporosis. Lately mine has gotten worse. So, since I'm in cancer remission, I've gotten my oncologist to agree to intermittent hormone therapy and have stopped getting the injections (so now I'm getting NO "standard of care" treatments or medications). My oncologist wrote,
Certainly we could consider intermittent therapy. You do have a very aggressive cancer, successfully controlled, so we would have to be very careful. ... Note: it may take 6 - 12 months for testosterone to rise."

All cells express appropriate hormone receptors on their surface membranes. Prostate cells express testosterone receptors and hormone therapy drives testosterone levels very low. But all cells express insulin receptors and cancer cells express an over abundance of insulin receptors because they need to collect a huge amount of glucose to use as building blocks to drive their growth. That's what I'm now targeting with my no-plant (zero carbs) diet, an extremely low insulin level to deprive cancer cells of their building blocks.

Meanwhile, normal cells can get their energy requirements from fatty acids and ketones (which cancer cells can't use because of their uniquely deranged
​ / damaged​

I hope our classmates can use my n=1 experiment, but they should expect only negative reactions, sometimes very emotional, from their doctors and dietitians. The best you will probably get, as did I, is "keep doing what you're doing."

Steve Stephenson

Virginia 'Ginny' Mai Abrahms
Virginia "Ginny" Mai Abrahms
Phyllis just received notice from Virginia "Ginny" Mai Abrahms' husband that Ginny passed away May 10th.

Hockessin, DE -
Ginny died peacefully in her sleep on May 10th after a year-long battle with leukemia. She was born in Ithaca, New York, to Barbara and William Mai. Ginny graduated with a bachelor's degree from Cornell University and a PhD in organic chemistry from MIT. Upon graduating, she moved to Delaware and began working as a chemist at DuPont. She married Lloyd Abrams in 1971 and moved to Hockessin. 
Her complete obituary appears in the "Deceased Classmates" section of this  web site. Numerous tributes were added June 18, 2018.
Our condolences go out to the her family and friends.

George Jerome Guest
George Jerome Guest

It is with sorrow that we report the passing of another of our Class of 1960 members. Bernie Cook reported that GEORGE GUEST passed away on Friday, June 1.
Bernie included the Ithaca Journal's obituary from today's paper (June4):
Dryden - George Jerome Guest, 76, of Dryden went to be with the Lord at his home on June 1, 2018 after a brief battle with cancer. He was born in May 1942, the son of the late George William and Arlene Schutt Guest.

George graduated from Ithaca high school and joined the Army and served in Germany. Shortly following his service to his country, he worked at NYSEG for 36 years. He was a lifetime member of the Varna Fire Department and also served as Chief. During that time he was the recipient of NYS Fire Fighter of the Year Award. In retirement he enjoyed farming and spending time with his family.

In addition to his parents he is predeceased by his siblings; Eric Guest, Gayle Guest and Emery Guest. 

He is survived by his wife of 53 years, Joan M. Guest, his sons; Dana G. (Phyllis) Guest of Cortland, Gordon J. (Christine) Guest of Dryden, Kevin J. (Sarah) Guest of St. Louis, his brother; Jan (Susan) Guest, his sisters; June (Richard) Berggren, Joanne Parsons, his grandchildren Lauren, Kelsey, Cameron, Joshua, Julia, David (Samantha), Diana (John) Buchanan, his great granddaughters; Emma and Anna Buchanan, and several nieces, nephews and cousins.

The family would like to thank Hospicare of Ithaca for their kindness and care that they gave to George and his family in his last weeks.

Calling hours will be held on Tuesday from 11:00 - 1:00pm at First Assembly of God; 197 Bostwick Rd, Ithaca, NY 14850 with funeral service to follow. Burial will take place in Willow Glen Cemetery; Dryden, NY.

Memorial contributions in George's name can be made to National Fallen Firefighters Foundation;; National Fallen Firefighters Foundation P.O. Drawer 498 Emmitsburg, MD 21727.
Published in Ithaca Journal on June 4, 2018 


"With concern and sympathy we face what people have faced since before Abraham.  The worst thing for us remaining is loss of communication.  The finality of death is what bothers us.
Remember when everybody you knew was getting married?  Then having children?  There were waves of those occasions, almost a flood sometimes.  Now we are in a different era personally.  Normal life spans are being reached.  My grandfather railed about everybody he knew gone; nobody to talk with (about neighbors’ fine horses or plowing with mules and oxen, at least).  My mother died at age 102 and she complained about nobody with whom to converse about life and memories common to her peers all her life.  Reminiscing with people who were the age of her retired children was not the same or satisfactory.
Here is perhaps a helpful thought for the rest of us older people who still see the sun and stars:
We who worked out at the local YMCA during noontimes of our working lives asked each other, “Would you like to be made younger by 30 (or later, 40) years?”  Everybody in the locker room  gave the same answer:  “Not if you delete my memories of my first 30 (or 40) years!!”  Here is why:  None of us knew any child or young adult who was not channeled and controlled in his life outside of school.  After-school activities, restrictions, and supervisions are imposed upon all children except very rural farm children.  NO child today has the freedoms we had.  My instructions were only, “Be back in time for dinner!”  ‘No inquiry about where I was going, whom I would be with, or what I would be doing.  Cornell University was our four square mile playground for bike rides.  Even a rainy Saturday could be spent running loose in Barton Hall.  Nobody took issue with my pocket jackknife or even a belt-worn sheath knife.  Knives were tools; it didn’t occur to us that they could be weapons.  Their biggest threat was a self-inflicted cut.  Today’s horrors of the social outdoors didn’t seem to exist.  And we could move about and play feeling entirely safe anywhere.
I would not give up those days even from my memory.  Think about them – you can still enjoy them.  They cannot be taken away from us. " –Bill Gordon


It is with deep sadness that we share the news that classmates  Bonnie Kellogg Brown, Ron Case and Bob Whittaker passed away this past week. Obituaries appeared in the May 30th Ithaca Journal. We will post these , along with their pictures, on this site and our Facebook group page later in the week.
Our condolences go out to  the families and friends of Bonnie, Ron and Bob during this difficult time.

UPDATE: Obituaries have been posted in the "Deceased Classmates" section of this web site. (June 1, 2018)

Bonnie Kellogg Brown
Bonnie Kellogg Brown
Robert Whittaker
Robert Whittaker
Ronald Case
Ronald Case
                       Phyllis' Spring Newsletter
Just a note to bring us together in thought as we enter into summer activities.
Those of you who are on Facebook are more current with what’s happening with some classmates than I am. I do have news of three classmates needing our prayers.
Bonnie Kellogg Brown is on home care after cancer has spread from lungs to her brain and other areas. Her cancer has taken her through a courageous battle. She writes with such faith and is so very appreciative of her husband’s bedside care of her; also thankful for caring friends.  Bonnie’s address is PO Box 21, Newfield, NY 14867.
Barb Bennett is in rehab after a medical response team was called to her house and found her on the floor.  A hospital stay revealed she had experienced kidney failure and had been out for 36 hours before help  arrived. She is recovering now. Barbie’s address: Barbara Bennett, University Place Rehab, 1700 Lindberg Rd., West Lafayette, IN 47906.
Kathleen Muzzy LaMorte is in recovery after a second shoulder surgery. It was her second try for improved mobility and her body rejected the device for treatment which has left her quite sick for a while, but she is in recovery now. Her address is 1332 Ballesteros Dr., The Villages, FL 32162. She will be headed north for the summer once she is able.
If you know of others whose spirits would be lifted if they heard from us or to know we are praying for them, please let me know. Our age and our class size would tell me there are more. I am not on Facebook so I appreciate your help. Better see if they give you permission to tell us?? It would be kind, and sensitive to ask.
I had a nice note from Barb Child Mobbs with a picture of her new house near Salt Lake City. She misses her home on Enfield Falls Rd but has shown courage and determination to walk a new path now.
Her new address is 138 West Center Street, Spanish Fork, UT 84660.
I am once again changing life styles for the summer and heading north to the farm and my tractor. My lap top and phone go with me, as well as thoughts of you. 518-421-6726. Steve Beaulieu, our Webmaster, is also heading north, and his phone number is 352-665-9780. We are both happy to receive email as well.
A few reminders: 
1.  If you change your surface mail or email address, please notify us.
2.  Have you given your next of kin an IHS person to contact should you fall ill or pass on?
3.  Steve is always glad to add your pictures and stories of mini gatherings to the web site. Send those to Steve at SAANYSCOR@aol.
4.  Donations are always appreciated and are applied to web site costs or set aside for the planning of the next reunion. If you desire, send check payable to Phyllis Sommerman, 3245 Riverton Road, The Villages, FL 32162 or 386 Union Mills Road, Broadalbin, NY 12025.
5.  If you do not have a recent directory book of classmates and would like one, send $8.50 and a mailing address to:  Phyllis Sommerman, 386 Union Mills Road, Broadalbin, NY 12025.
Note: a few classmates have told me they do not see certain classmates in the directory on the web site. That is not the directory I mail out. The classmates listed on the website are only those who have kindly submitted a profile. We would love to have a profile for everyone. If you feel uncomfortable creating this profile  let me help. Send me what you would like to tell us and I will enter it for you. If you proceed on your own, please date your entry; and a revised date if the earlier profile is out of date.
With our best regards, we stay connected to you. Next reunion will be our 60th!  Can you imagine?

David Meldrum
David Meldrum

David Meldrum's brother, Bill, just posted on Facebook that Dave passed away on the 19th. We do not have other information at this time, but will update once details are made available.
Our deepest condolences go out to the entire Meldrum family during this difficult time.

Partial Update: 
Funeral services will be March 26, at the Cavin-Cook Funeral Home, in Moorseville, North Carolina.

Larry McCray
Larry McCray
A Proposal and Update from Larry McCray

"Just wanted to signal my appreciation and admiration for the features on “our” website.
One idle and uninformed question: I wonder if some listing of current retirement hobbies on the site might spark a few semi-random e-traffic.  I have two such: one is fostering research on the origins of baseball, which involves my website at and work with the SABR baseball research group.  The other is pretty obscure, and involves trying to figure out how our most dramatically-successful technology sectors (air carrier safety, cardiology, car safety, etc.) actually got that way.
 I enjoyed gazing at the 75th photos; Alexa and I were in Stockholm then – a great summer destination."

Larry McCray

Ron Winchell Drops the Top for Early Spring
Ron Winchell Drops the Top for Early Spring

"I had already been to my infectious disease doctor this morning. She gave me the green light to proceed with the hip replacement surgery which, in turn, will stop the horrible ten months pain in my leg. The skies cleared. The sun came out. Judy was at another doctor appointment. Mary Werner, our neighbor, put me up to it. I dropped the top and she snapped the photos. The temperature was 65. How could I resist?" Ron W.
Don Berk and his granddaughters
Don Berk and his granddaughters
"Many thanks for the update and your incredible diligence and love in maintaining the Class of '60 bonds. 
I was saddened to learn about the loss of Anne and Barbara, as with all classmates who have passed over the years. The "Deceased Classmates" page makes for a bittersweet visit to the website. 
My update:
After selling my house in Yakima WA and spending last winter in a rented log home in the Cascade mountains (digging out from 150 inches of snow) I've now moved to Seattle to be nearer my kids and grandkids. My new address is:
Seattle WA 98118
City life is a bit of a shock for this country mouse. Sirens and lights all night, almost permanently gridlocked traffic on the streets. The diverse ethnicity is nice though as is the variety of food and cultural events. And of course having family as neighbors. I seldom use my car preferring my bicycle for almost all errands (3,800 miles since last June) despite the pucker factor in the narrow bike lanes. Hangar space being scarce and crazy expensive in Seattle I had to leave my little airplane toy in Yakima where it's up for sale. As a (poor) substitute I set up a flight simulator in the spare bedroom where I can make brrmmmbrrmmm sounds. I continue to write and have some poems in a few Seattle and regional anthologies. 
I'll be sending a check as a donation and for a current directory.
Attached is a photo take at the log home last winter when my granddaughters visited for some snowshoeing. "
Don Berk
Classmates on the trail
Classmates on the trail

December 2, 2017

 The season demands a greeting be sent to you!  What a perfect time of year to connect through an email or FB or our website Picture us gathered ‘round the fire, laughing, remembering when, and caring. This message comes with that experience in mind.

 Alexa just moved in to my household. It’s nice when you live alone to say good night to someone and hear a sweet response. But she doesn’t seem to know about our class. She doesn’t tell me how you are doing. I can only pray every day that you are covered in protective and encouraging fleece, assured that others care about you.

 Strolling through the last quarter of our lives, we travel with memories of good times we have shared, and the peace of knowing we will be carried when needed by those who understand and share  the challenges before us in this stage of life. When I have the honor of passing along to you the news of another classmate’s passing, I offer us a moment to give our thoughts over to how this classmate has been part of our lives, and thank them for the memories. Each time we say good-bye, it adds strength to the bond remaining, and deepens our connectivity, our desire to stay in touch.

 Naturally, my circles have kept me more current with some of you, as has been your case.  Please know that for the rest of you, you are not forgotten, and you are not just a name in a list. I have my directory on the coffee table. Know that I ponder over the pages, name by individual name. You are each important to the rest of us.

 I rose early this morning and took one of those strolls on the boardwalk at Lake Sumter. For those who were able to attend the 50th reunion here in Florida, I took a few pictures. The white pelicans arrived at sunrise. The lobby of The Waterfront Inn, our temporary home, is quite festive, hurricane flooding has subsided and today is 78 and sunny.


Class of 1960's 75th Birthday Bash, August 2017, Upper Buttermilk Falls State Park
Class of 1960's 75th Birthday Bash, August 2017, Upper Buttermilk Falls State Park

Front row: 
(left to right) Anne Burger, Bill McElwee, Bernie Cook, Gary Loomis, Phyllis McLaren, Barbara Child, Chuck Moeder, Barbara Bennett, Judy Mitchell, Icemae Murray, Sandy Aldrich, Kathleen Muzzy, Patricia Newman, Jean Magnus

Back Rows: (left to right-staggered) Dave Sears, Steve Beaulieu, George Damp, Joe Scaglione, Nancy Hubbell, Ben Adams, Nancy Cladel, Steve Stephenson, Beverly Brink, John Osborn, Bob Townsend, Bill Gordon, Janice Murphy, Richard Owlett, Terry Hilker, Robert Gray, Dave Wilson, Robin Alexander, Dean Melville, Alan Simons.

​These were the picnic attendees. Others joined us for the various weekend activities but were not able to attend the picnic where the class photo was taken. Classmate Peggy Payne's  professional photographer brother, Monroe, took this picture. Phyllis sent out ordering information if you'd like your own close-up copy of this.  There's also a copy that includes spouses and significant others.
The excellent 75th Birthday Bash cake.
The excellent 75th Birthday Bash cake.

​Thanks to some of our volunteer class photographers  Richard Owlett, Dave Wilson, Phyllis McLaren Sommerman and Steve Beaulieu, we will have started  sharing their contributions on this website and our class Facebook page. These are by no means all inclusive, but will  serve as a start as we document our 75th Birthday Bash, held back in August.

​In the "Class Photo Albums" section of this website, we will try and arrange the photos by events. As new photos come in from other classmates we'll add to these photo albums. Check back often, because these take awhile to upload and position.

​The event were: Thursday at the Ciao! restaurant, Cornell Ornithology School  (Sapsucker Woods), Moosewood Luncheon and old building tour, The Rose, Tremen State Park hike, class picnic at Upper Buttermilk Falls State Park and Sunday brunch at the  Ithaca Ramada.

Labeling: In anticipation of the usual " Who are these people?" questions, Al Simon and Steve Beaulieu will attempt to label as time permits.

Ithaca (NY) High School Class of 1960 Now on FACEBOOK

Sixty two classmates have joined the newly created, closed group on Facebook. Check it out and join us. Your input, as always, is welcome.
We've had 135,952 visits since this site opened in April 2010 
90 Classmates have posted their profiles as of  June 24, 2018

Brunk has joined 
Betty Roskelly, Sandra Sortman, Bob Townsend, Ed Michael,  Ward Whitlock, Bonnie Westfall, Andy Powell (updated March 2016), Vance McCullough ,Stephen Stephenson (updated  January 2018)), Charlotte Sweet, Lois White , Ruth Culp, Geza Ginzery, Roland Barnett, Dan Sayre, Helen Mandeville, Susan Whicher, Carol Robedee , Jane Miller, Sandy Aldrich, Chuck Moeder, Evie Hall, Marcia Tilton, Jean Torrant, Joel Ekholm, Alice Caldwell,and Jim Ormiston, June Layton,John Osborn,Ginny Sigler, Victor Newhart, Beverly Brink, Ellen  
Royce  Jan Murphy, Martin Wright, Dan Wallenbeck, Patricia Newman, Ollie Detweiler  Arnie Hammer, David Spencer, Peggy Hertel, Al Simons, Bill Gordon, Jinny Klune, Phil Ewanicki, Tom Vormwald, Dorothy Van Order, Shari Grover (updated March 2015), Ed Knaysi, Liz Horn, Bob Gray, Suzie Hough, Keith Bruckner, Phyllis McLaren (updated June 2017),Terry Cullen, Bernie Cook,Terry Hilker (updated June 2017) Judy Mitchell, Bill Lester, Kenna Grant, David Meldrum, Barry Smith, Alison MacLeod , Mary Avery, Gigi Greenwood, JB Graves (updated JUNE 2015), Dave Wilson, Kathy Hull, Carolyn Fallon, Ed Thorsland (updated June 2015), Alan Westfall, Karen Dann, Ernie Falke, Katie Detweiler, Barbara Darling, Don Berk (updated February 2018), Sandy Cornelius, Dorothy Griffith, Doug Hughes, Dave Goode, Leo Johnson, Larry McCray, Elaine Tutton, Ed Shea, Virginia Hixon, Marilyn Dropkin, Marilyn Trapp, Ron Winchell and Steve Beaulieu in posting their profiles on this website.                             



Do you miss seeing some of your friends listed here? Encourage them to post now. Is your's here yet? Now would be a great time to let your classmates know what is new with you.

Lining up for class photographs that Monroe Payne took.
Lining up for class photographs that Monroe Payne took.
Ornithology lab tour at Sapsucker Woods
Ornithology lab tour at Sapsucker Woods
John and Jan Osborn at The Rose
John and Jan Osborn at The Rose
Roseanne Beach, Karen McLean
Roseanne Beach, Karen McLean
Dean and Sandy Archer Melville speaking with Barbara Bennett
Dean and Sandy Archer Melville speaking with Barbara Bennett
Al Simons with Anne Burger Perna
Al Simons with Anne Burger Perna
Dave and Mary Lee Hagin Banfield
Dave and Mary Lee Hagin Banfield
Gary Loomis and Liz Dunn
Gary Loomis and Liz Dunn
Dave Wilson and Sara Watkins
Dave Wilson and Sara Watkins
Event chair, Kathleen Muzzy LaMorte, speaking at picnic
Event chair, Kathleen Muzzy LaMorte, speaking at picnic
Tour leaders Wilson and Bruckner
Tour leaders Wilson and Bruckner
Belle Sherman, Grade 6, 1953-1954
Belle Sherman, Grade 6, 1953-1954
 "I stumbled across this picture among my mother’s photos.  I could identify all except four by recognition from memory.  27 pupils – we had big classes after WW II":

Back row: Eddie Knaysi, Bill Gordon, Jim Wells, Rob York, Don Enright, Virginia Klune, Dorothy Griffith, John Osborn, George Damp, Phil Ewanicki, Miss Chips.
Middle row: Virginia Hixon, Marilyn Dropkin, Janice Murphy, Allison MacLeod, Karen Ross, Phyllis McLaren, Marybelle Avery, Bonnie Gay, Carolyn Fallon, Wincie Hanneson, Celia Lawrence, Joan Kendall.
Front row: Mike Lawrence, Terry Cullen, Alan Mack, Robin Williams, Bob Seager.
South Hill Second Graders
South Hill Second Graders

Classmate Richard Owlett recently shared this photo of some of our classmates during their second grade experience at the South Hill School. We welcome your attempts to identify any of these youngsters. Contact Steve Beaulieu at:

Here's what we have so far:  3rd row, far right--Richard Owlett; 2nd row, far right--Amelia Stratakos; Front row, third from the left--David Drier (moved out of district prior to high school), second from right--Claire Hernaez.

Class photo  professionally taken by Monroe Payne. Copies of these are available through his website:Monroe Payne Photog
Class photo professionally taken by Monroe Payne. Copies of these are available through his website:Monroe Payne Photography
The old high school building, known today as DeWitt Mall, is currently used for retail businesses, offices and apartment
The old high school building, known today as DeWitt Mall, is currently used for retail businesses, offices and apartments.
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